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On the limit at Thruxton

David Coulthard once said “Racing drivers have balls, unfortunately, none of them are crystal”.

This rang true for Adam over the bank holiday weekend. With a superb display the previous weekend he headed over to one of his favourite UK tracks. Thruxton.

Full of confidence, Adam headed out of the pit and after 4 laps he was comfortably sitting on the class pole with plenty more to come from the car and himself. Suddenly disaster hit just as he started his 5th lap. There was a slight metallic knock, he backed off the pace and headed straight for the pits to investigate. The knock was getting louder and the feeling of worry grew stronger.

A long push back to the van, a little diagnosis, and a phone call to the mechanic confirmed everyone’s worst fear! Adam for an early bath.

Updates on the engine findings will be provided in due course.

Adam Brown: “As always I thank you for your continued support and we will come back stronger to make it worthwhile.”