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Subsea Valves

We have experience in the supply of ball valves in temporary subsea applications, typically when submerging structures and subsea bundles, this is when reliable operation is critically important.

Our partners have extensive experience and references covering installed valves in locations world-wide, end user and contractor references include BP, Premier Oil, ConocoPhillips, Woodside, ONGC & Sub Sea 7. Together with our partners we can provide specialist technical support.

  • Specifications: API 6DSS, API6A, API17D
  • PSL Levels 3 & 4 (Material, Inspection & Testing requirements)
  • Internal cladding of critical sealing areas
  • FEA Analysis
  • Up to 50-year design life
  • Ball valves, side entry, top entry & fully welded
  • Gate valves, through conduit slab type & double expanding.
  • Swing check valves


What Is A Subsea Valve?

Subsea valves need to provide long term reliability in challenging conditions. Valves are designed specifically to be operated and maintained at great depths and to withstand the effects of increased external pressures. Special consideration is necessary for corrosion issues associated with saltwater environments.

Valves for these applications are subjected to stringent type and production testing ensuring the highest possible levels of reliability and performance.

Some of our European partners have dedicated subsea divisions and specialised facilities enabling subsea simulated Hyperbaric testing. Specialised actuators and manual operators are also necessary for subsea operation, ROV interfaces can also be provided to suit the customers’ requirements.

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