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PFA Lined Ball Valves

Used in industries such as - Chemical Processing, Petrochemical Industry, Food and Beverage Industry.

  • Chemical industry/food/sanitary
  • Media not in contact with metals which could be attacked by service

Plastrulon specialise in the manufacturing and production of PFA lined ball valves for the chemical process industry and are designed to protect systems from aggressive substances, high temperatures, and abrasion, ensuring long-lasting, efficient operation.

Pekos Valves

Size range ½” – 10”
Pressure classANSI 150#/ PN16
MaterialsCarbon Steel, Stainless Steel
Construction2 Piece Flanged Split Body PFA Lined. Reduced Bore/ Full Bore
ApplicationsCorrosive and aggressive liquids and gases

Plastrulon Lined Ball Valves

Using an industrial PFA (Perfluoroalkoxy) lined ball valve offers several benefits, especially in applications where resistance to corrosive chemicals and high temperatures is crucial. Advantages of using PFA lined ball valves include:

Corrosion Resistance

PFA is highly resistant to a wide range of corrosive chemicals, acids, and bases, making it ideal for use in industries where corrosive media is present. The PFA lining acts as a protective barrier, preventing the underlying materials from corroding.

Chemical Compatibility

PFA-lined ball valves can handle a variety of aggressive chemicals, making them suitable for applications in the chemical, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical industries.

Temperature Resistance

PFA has a high temperature resistance, typically up to 260°C (500°F), allowing these valves to be used in processes involving elevated temperatures without degradation.

Smooth Flow

The smooth interior surface of the PFA lining minimises flow resistance, reducing turbulence and pressure drop across the valve. This can help maintain consistent flow rates and reduce energy consumption.

Excellent Sealing

PFA-lined ball valves provide reliable sealing, preventing leaks even under high-pressure conditions. This is important for safety and environmental compliance.

Low Maintenance

PFA lining is non-stick and easy to clean. This reduces the need for frequent maintenance and minimises downtime in industrial processes.


PFA-lined ball valves have a long service life due to their resistance to chemical attack and high temperatures. They are less prone to wear and tear compared to valves made entirely from metal.


These valves are versatile and can be used in various industries, including chemical processing, oil and gas, water treatment, semiconductor manufacturing, and more.

Reduced Contamination

PFA is a high-purity material, and the lining prevents contamination of the process fluid by the valve material itself. This is crucial in industries that require strict purity standards.


The ability to handle corrosive and hazardous chemicals safely makes PFA lined ball valves a preferred choice for ensuring the safety of personnel and the environment.

Regulatory Compliance

Many industries have strict regulations regarding the handling and containment of hazardous materials. PFA lined ball valves help companies comply with these regulations by providing a reliable containment solution.


PFA lined ball valves can be customised to meet specific application requirements, including different sizes, pressure ratings, and end connections.

While PFA lined ball valves offer numerous advantages, it’s essential to choose the right valve for your specific application and ensure proper installation and maintenance to maximise their benefits and lifespan.

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