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Electric Actuators

Used in Industries such as - Oil and Gas, Industrial Automation, Chemical, and Petrochemical

  • Do not need a compressor or hydraulic supply – site-specific
  • Good for remote locations
  • Smooth controllable operation

Bernard Controls electric actuators, combined with the expertise and offerings of AC Valve Alliance, provide an unparalleled solution for the oil and gas and process industries. Our actuators, with their robust design and proven performance, ensure uninterrupted operation in the most demanding environments. We address the critical need for fast-track delivery through our streamlined manufacturing and logistics processes, ensuring your projects stay on schedule.

Leveraging extensive product knowledge, we handle all aspects of supply and provide expert advice, ensuring you receive the best solutions. Our in-house testing guarantees product reliability and performance, while our complete valve packages and VA1, VA2 approvals offer trusted and certified solutions. Our stock of Bernard Controls electric actuators, combined with our partnership with AUMA as an ACE Partner and long-standing relationships with Dresser RCS and Asahi, further strengthen our product base in the electric automation sector.

For customers lacking wiring expertise, Bernard Controls simplifies installation with user-friendly interfaces and intuitive controls, ensuring hassle-free setup and operation. Choose Bernard Controls and AC Valve Alliance for a seamless, reliable, and supportive actuator experience, perfectly suited to the rigorous demands of the oil and gas and process industries.

Pekos Valves

Size RangeAQ – AQL (15Nm > 1000Nm)
TypeQuarter Turn
Pekos Valves

Size RangeSA & QA (10Nm > 32000Nm)
TypeMultiturn & Quarter Turn
Pekos Valves

Size RangeSeries 94 (17Nm > 34Nm) & Series 92 (45Nm > 230Nm)
MaterialsResin housing (Series 94) + Aluminium Housing (Series 92
Optional FeaturesBattery Fail Safe Modules
Modulating Positioning Control
Additional Switches
Pekos Valves

Size RangeRCS Actuator Complete Range (13Nm > 5400Nm)
MaterialsAluminium Housing
TypeStay-Put & Spring Return
¼-Turn – Multi-Turn
On-Off – Modulating

AC Valve Alliance sets itself apart with exceptional customer service and fully trained service personnel skilled in pipe bending and other technical areas. We offer a comprehensive range of valve automation solutions, including pneumatic, electric, and hydraulic options, tailored to diverse industry requirements. Our competitive pricing and commitment to fast-track delivery make us a cost-effective choice.

Key Benefits:

  • Reliable, quality products
  • Fast responses on quotes
  • Large stock holding
  • Expert advice
  • Competitive lead times
  • Brilliant aftercare service

Frequently Asked Questions

An electric actuator is a device that converts electrical energy into mechanical motion. It is commonly used to control or manipulate various mechanisms, such as valves, gates, and positioning systems, by converting electrical signals into physical movements. These valves are commonly used in various industries, including manufacturing, water treatment, and HVAC systems, to remotely control the flow of fluids or gases.
Actuators are used to control and manipulate various mechanical systems. They are employed in a wide range of applications, including: • Opening and closing valves in industrial processes. • Controlling the position of components in machinery and robotics. • Adjusting the angle of solar panels. • Positioning camera lenses in autofocus systems. • Actuating throttle and brake mechanisms in vehicles. • Operating doors and hatches in buildings and vehicles.
• Precise control over motion. • Easily programmable and adjustable. • Quiet operation. • Low maintenance requirements. • Energy-efficient. • Can be integrated into automated systems.
Linear electric actuators: These actuators produce linear motion and are commonly used in applications such as industrial automation, robotics, and medical equipment. They are used to control the movement of slides, grippers, and other linear mechanisms. Rotary electric actuators: These actuators produce rotational motion and are used in applications such as valve control systems, robotics, and automotive systems. They are used to control the movement of valves, rotating arms, and other rotary mechanisms. Electric servo actuators: Servo actuators are electric actuators that incorporate a feedback mechanism to provide precise control over position, speed, and torque. They are commonly used in precision motion control applications, such as CNC machines and robotic arms.

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