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Hydrogen Services

Hydrogen Valve Stockist, Modifier & Manufacturer

Technology and Innovation around Hydrogen is advancing at a rapid pace as we all strive to find solutions to the challenges faced during this energy transition. We are proactive with our supply chain in monitoring and developing our products so that we are not just “Hydrogen Ready” but properly capable of providing durable and dependable valves covering the new and emerging Hydrogen applications.

The handling of Hydrogen is critical in this process so proper valve selection is important. Consideration needs to be given to the materials of construction which includes the vital sealing components. Hydrogen atoms can be a cause of embrittlement, induced cracking, and metal fatigue, it is also a very searching media so seals and sealing design need to be a major consideration in preventing potentially dangerous Hydrogen leaks.

Depending on the precise detail of the application we can give you solutions.

• Material selection and recommendations
• Valve design considerations
• Sealing options
• Applications guidance
• Pressure / Temperature implications
• Fugitive Emissions, testing to ISO 15848 (including in-house Helium testing)
• Quality European valves and materials
• Application references and experience.

What Are Hydrogen Valves Used For?

Hydrogen is commonly used in industry for a wide variety of purposes, it is now generally considered to be a key ingredient of our future energy sustainability policy and net zero emissions targets as it omits Zero CO2 into the atmosphere when burnt, unlike fossil fuels.

The development of Hydrogen production processes is one of the major challenges faced by the energy industry today. So-called Blue Hydrogen is currently the most practical solution where CO2 generated during production is either stored (CCS) or reused. Green Hydrogen is the vision for the future where no CO2 is released during the production process.

Hydrogen can be used as an energy source either as a pure gas or blended, in the UK there are plans to inject up to 20% Hydrogen into the natural gas infrastructure saving millions of tonnes of CO2 emissions every year.

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