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Valve Manufacturer

Our in-house team of experts will provide valves designed and manufactured to your specification, putting them through rigorous testing and machining using the latest CNC technology at our facilities to achieve a fast-track delivery. Our UK manufacturing brands include TVS and Starline UK who manufacture ball valves under licence in the UK, both full certified to the PED and PESR regulations.

Technical Valve Services our ‘Made in Britain’ range of ball valves for severe service are produced under the current strict quality controls that the group has in place according to ISO 9001:2012, PED Module H, API6D and ANSI B16.34.

With 100% Western European materials and utilising SolidWorks™ 3D software and full finite element analysis backed up with a full design verification calculation package.

We specialise in providing tailored solutions manufactured in the UK through our cutting-edge CNC machine. This allows us to meet critical delivery times, addressing various needs such as fast track requirements, small volumes, special materials, obsolete product replacements, and specific face-to-face dimensions. As a dedicated valve manufacturer, our expertise ensures high-quality solutions for diverse applications.

With the help of Richard Clapp, TVS Design & Valve Manufacturer Manager and our highly experienced in-house design team, we can offer specific valve manufacturer solutions tailored to meet a range of issues that include;

  • Application solutions to improve valve performance
  • Design innovation and product development
  • Special certification and test verification
  • Raw material origin restrictions
  • Design for easy maintenance and reduced downtime
  • Top entry design eliminates the need for special tooling by including an innovative cartridge design