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Testing & Engineering

Working closely with our principal suppliers we hold a comprehensive range of OEM spare parts and have the in-house expertise to upgrade materials and components to satisfy a wide range of customers technical requirements. With more than 25 different grades of O ’Rings in stock and an extensive workshop facility providing a full after-market support for products in repair, refurbishment, and retest.

To fulfil the increasing demand for more stringent product verification, we offer a full in-house test facility offering hydrostatic, pneumatic, fugitive emission (helium) and high-pressure nitrogen gas testing at low, ambient, and high temperatures.

Our in-house fire test facility can accommodate fire testing to the latest international standards across a wide range of valve types. ½” to 8” class 150 up to class 1500 can be tested in accordance with the requirements of BS EN 10497, API 607, API 6F and API 6D latest editions.

With an increase in global climate change concerns we also offer fugitive emission testing with our state-of-the-art Leybold Phoenix Quadro™. Helium leak detection for product and prototype testing and at test pressures of up to 400 Bar we can satisfy the requirements of ISO 15848-2 and Shell SPE 77/312 to name but a few.

Our testing and engineering operations are overseen by our Production Manager, Sudhir Jaycee.