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Damper Valves

Used in industries such as - HVAC, Industrial Processes, Environmental Control, and Industrial Processes

  • More cost-effective than a high-performance butterfly valve
  • Used in high temperatures
  • Low torque is required for operation

AMMtech is based in Lucca, Italy and are a well-established European manufacturer and market leaders of dampers valves for flue gas and high temperature valves across all industries. AC Valve Alliance is the UK distributor for AMMtech damper valves.

What Are Damper Valves?

Damper valves are essential components in various industrial processes and systems, serving to address several pain points and challenges. Here are some common issues that industrial damper valves can help solve:

Flow Control

Damper valves regulate the flow of gases, liquids, or other substances within industrial processes. They help maintain consistent flow rates, which is crucial for achieving product quality and process efficiency.

Temperature Control

In many industrial settings, maintaining precise temperature control is critical. Damper valves can be used to adjust the flow of hot or cold air, steam, or other heating/cooling media to achieve and maintain desired temperatures.

Pressure Regulation

Maintaining proper pressure levels is essential in various industrial applications. Damper valves can help control pressure by adjusting the flow rate, preventing over-pressurisation or under-pressurisation issues.

Energy Efficiency

Many industries are focused on reducing energy consumption to minimise operational costs and environmental impact. Damper valves can help optimise energy usage by controlling airflow and heat transfer processes.

Emissions Control

Environmental regulations require industries to minimise emissions of pollutants. Damper valves can be used to control the release of gases and particulates into the atmosphere, ensuring compliance with emission standards.


Damper valves play a role in maintaining the safety of industrial processes. They can quickly shut off or redirect the flow of hazardous substances in emergency situations, helping to prevent accidents or mitigate their impact.

Noise Reduction

Some industrial processes generate significant noise levels, which can be a concern for worker safety and comfort. Damper valves can be used to control airflow and reduce noise levels.

Equipment Protection

Damper valves can help protect equipment by regulating the conditions within a system. For example, they can prevent overheating in industrial furnaces or protect sensitive instruments from exposure to harsh conditions.

Process Optimisation

Industrial processes often require precise control to achieve desired outcomes. Damper valves allow for fine-tuning of various process parameters, leading to improved product quality and efficiency.

Dust and Particle Control

In applications where dust or particulate matter is generated, damper valves can be used to control airflow and help prevent the release of these particles into the environment.

Corrosion Prevention

In corrosive environments, damper valves made from resistant materials can help prevent corrosion and extend the lifespan of equipment and infrastructure.

Waste Minimisation

Damper valves can be used to divert or control waste streams, helping industries minimise waste production and disposal costs.

Batch Process Control

In batch processing industries, damper valves play a crucial role in controlling the sequence of operations, ensuring that each step occurs in the right order and under the appropriate conditions.

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