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Hydraulic Actuators

Used in industries such as - Marine and Offshore, Material Handling, Agriculture

  • Site-specific if hydraulic supply is available
  • Higher torque/thrust outputs at small sizes
  • Simple to manually override

Hydraulic actuators convert the energy from pressurised hydraulic fluid into mechanical motion. They utilise the force generated by the fluid to move pistons or other components, producing linear or rotary motion. Hydraulic actuators are made up of a hydraulic cylinder, piston and ram which is part of a hydraulic set up consisting of various components such as control valves, hydraulic fluid, and a hydraulic power unit. The hydraulic cylinder contains the piston, which converts the pressure of the hydraulic fluid into mechanical force. Control valves regulate the flow and direction of the fluid, enabling precise control over the actuator’s motion. They are commonly used in tasks such as lifting heavy loads, operating hydraulic presses, controlling large valves, and operating heavy machinery.

Pekos Valves

Size RangeAT-HD065 – AT-HD160 (600Nm > 39,000Nm)
MaterialsHeavy Duty Carbon Steel
TypeSpring Return & Double Acting

Hydraulic actuators offer several advantages. They can generate extremely high forces, making them suitable for heavy-duty applications. Hydraulic systems provide excellent control and precision, allowing for accurate positioning and control over speed and torque. They are also resistant to high temperatures and can operate in harsh environments.

AC Valve Alliance have a close partnership with Air Torque Italy therefore, establishing ourselves as a prominent player in the hydraulic actuation market for double acting and spring return safe actuators. Our extensive inventory includes a wide range of aluminium and stainless-steel rack and pinion actuators, as well as a comprehensive selection of carbon steel, heavy-duty scotch yoke actuators. We can supply gas over oil and electro-hydraulic actuators and cater for more specialist applications including partial stroke, EN161 (high speed closing) network and valve positioning monitoring.

What Is A Hydraulic Actuator?

A hydraulic valve actuator is a type of hydraulic actuator specifically designed for controlling the movement of valves. It uses hydraulic pressure to open, close, or modulate the position of the valve. Hydraulic valve actuators are used in various industries where precise control over fluid flow is required, such as oil and gas, chemical processing, and power generation. They provide reliable and accurate positioning of valves for efficient fluid control.

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