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Line Blind Valves

Used in industries such as - Tank Storage, Oil and Gas, Chemical and Tank Storage

  • Precise shut-off to protect maintenance personnel downstream
  • Used in conjunction with valves for critical services
  • Easy to use

We are proud suppliers of Sammi Line Blinds (Boxy Line Blinds) who is a world-leading company in engineering and manufacturing of quick acting line blind valve products and are used across various industries including, oil and gas, chemical and hydrogen. With over 25 years’ experience, they offer a unique and advanced quick acting “complete shut off” and zero leakage design, empowering your operations with precision, safety and efficiency. The isolation provided is accepted for ‘man safe vessel entry’ around the globe.

Pekos Valves

DescriptionHigh standard line blinds that provide zero leakage and safe and easy blinding by a single untrained operator
Size RangeSizes ½” – 100” Class 150# - 1500# temperatures -196 Degc to 815 Degc
MaterialsCarbon Steel, St.Steel, Duplex & exotic alloys
ApplicationsCoke oven gas, Blast furnaces, FPSO, Steam & vapour lines, Chemical cleaning, Flare Gas

Sammi Line Blind Valves

Line blind valves, also known as line blinds or spectacle blinds, are used in various industrial applications to address several pain points and operational challenges. They are used in conjunction with conventional valves to isolate pipelines, where guaranteed tight shut off is essential. There are a number of benefits for using a line blind, including:

Isolation of Process Equipment

Line blind valves allow for the isolation of specific sections of a pipeline or process equipment. This is crucial for maintenance, repair, or replacement of components without having to shut down the entire system. Sammi’s line blind speed of operation helps minimise downtime and associated production losses.


When working on pipelines or equipment, safety is paramount. Line blind valves provide complete isolation to downstream pipework from the process medium. A reliable way to block the flow of hazardous materials, preventing leaks and potential accidents during maintenance or emergencies.

Product Contamination

In industries where cross-contamination between different products or materials can be problematic (e.g., food processing or pharmaceuticals), line blind valves ensure that one product or material does not mix with another. This maintains product quality and prevents contamination issues.

Operational Efficiency

Line blind valves can be quickly and easily operated, minimising the time required to isolate a section of the pipeline. This improves operational efficiency and reduces downtime.

Cost Savings

They can be operated by any competent person; therefore, no skilled labour is required. Also, the speed of operation of the Sammi line blinds is a big cost-saving factor.  By preventing the need to shut down an entire system for maintenance or repairs, line blind valves contribute to significant cost savings in terms of lost production and labour hours.


Line blind valves are versatile and can be used in various industries and applications, from oil and gas to chemical processing and water treatment.

In summary, Sammi line blind valves are essential components in industrial processes where isolation, safety, and efficiency are paramount. They help solve pain points related to maintenance, safety, contamination, and operational costs, making them a valuable asset in many industries.

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