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Specialist Applications

Our expert engineering knowledge and capability combined with our bespoke workshop facility ensures that even your most complex specialist application requirements can be met. We offer a wide range of products and services from in-house testing and valve, pipe skids and automation modifications to manufacturing our own UK designed valves.

In addition, we carry an extensive stock of high-quality valves and actuators for fast-track delivery ensuring that if you are experiencing short lead times or plant shutdowns, we can help you meet those needs quickly.

Hydrogen Services

We have excellent solutions from all our quality European brands and we also have facilities for stringent helium testing ensuring zero leakage together with FET type approval qualifications.

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Several of our European partners have bespoke facilities to undergo this type of testing and have extensive experience with a wide range of subsea valves.

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We stock valves already prepared for this duty and can modify standard valves if needed. Valves can be tested at low temperatures to demonstrate performance and our valve manufacturing partners carry out low temperature type testing.

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High Temperature and Abrasion

We have developed a comprehensive stock of metal seated ball valves. Designs can vary depending on the detailed application, we offer good flexible solutions both from stock, upgraded stock or manufactured to order.

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