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Leading Supplier Of National Grid Approved Valves

In the world of energy and gas distribution, safety and efficiency are of utmost importance. Therefore, it is essential to use the highest quality valves and products that are approved and tested to the strictest standards. The National Grid is the largest gas and electricity transmission and distribution business network in the UK. To ensure the reliability, performance, and safety of its gas network, National Grid has established a rigorous qualification process. For valves and actuators that include testing, certification, and ongoing monitoring.

Valves and actuators are critical components in gas transmission and distribution systems, and their failure can result in serious safety and operational issues. Thus, they must meet specific technical and performance requirements. Tests include pressure testing, functional testing, and endurance testing, to ensure that they can withstand the harsh conditions and demanding operating environments of National Grid’s gas network.

In terms of performance, they must have certain pressure and temperature ratings, leak-tightness, and resistance to corrosion and erosion. Once passed they are “National Grid Approved” meaning they meet the set of standards and requirements. Therefore, now approved for use in National Grid’s gas transmission and distribution systems. National Grid’s qualification process for valves and actuators is designed to ensure that only high-quality, reliable, and safe valves are used in their gas transmission and distribution systems.

Here at AC Valve Alliance, we stock and supply approved valves and actuators for all the gas distribution networks in the UK. Including:


With millions of pounds worth of stock available for accelerated delivery. We’re ready to help if you’re experiencing short-lead times or are unable to access valves from your usual supplier. All of our products are supplied with full traceability, and we can rely on the quality and support of our manufacturing partners.


One of the leading Italian manufacturers of high quality industrial valves for a wide variety of applications. A National Grid qualified vendor to T/PM/QA/7 and T/SP/V/6 with global approvals and references. Here at AC Valve, we carry a vast stock of Perar ball valves from our warehouse at the heart of the UK and are available for fast-tack delivery.

Stock Range: 1” – 24” with a mixture of #300 and #600

Galli & Cassina

The prominent Italian company has been manufacturing carbon steel lubricated plug valves in Italy since 1919. Plug Valves are probably the oldest and most commonly used valves in modern pipelines. Lubricated Plug Valves use a special lubricant to ease their operation over a wide range of operating pressure. They are fully approved to be used on the UK’s gas network as a National Grid qualified vendor. These robust valves are a direct equivalent to the Flowserve Serck Audco range of plug valves.

Stock range: 1/2” inch – 12” with a mixture of screwed and flanged connections #300 and #600

Air Torque Actuators

With carry extensive stock of VA1 approved gas operated scotch yoke actuators. Air Torque has become one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of pneumatic actuators in aluminium, carbon steel and stainless steel. Pneumatic actuators are mechanical systems used to translate pressurised air into motion, providing a powerful and reliable form of energy-efficient automation. A scotch yoke actuator is a mechanical device commonly used in industrial settings to convert rotary motion into linear motion. Available both in symmetric and in canted design. These options allow for greater cost efficiency by leveraging changes to internal mechanism.

Torque range: 600 – 1700 Nm


VA2 approved AUMA electric actuators are equipped with an electric motor/gearbox combination, developed for valve automation. They provide the torque required for operating the moving elements of gate or butterfly valves as well as ball and globe valves. The basic function of AUMA actuators is the same across all products. They are essential for a variety of industries, including oil and gas, chemical, water, and manufacturing. Since 2009, the basic requirements for actuators have been specified in the international standard EN 15714-2. AC Valve Alliance supply a variety of VA2 approved electric actuators.