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A Guide To Selecting The Right Starline Ball Valve

Selecting the right ball valve is a critical decision for industries seeking optimal performance and reliability in their operations. Starline valves, a renowned name in the field, offers a range of high-quality ball valves designed to meet diverse industrial needs. With a comprehensive range of forged steel floating ball valves and trunnion mounted ball valves from 100% Western European materials ½” to 36” class 150 – 2500. Worldwide references and approvals including TOTAL E & P, Shell, KOC, PTTEP, INPEX, ADCO, ExxonMobil and Technip. This guide aims to assist decision-makers in choosing the right Starline ball valve for their specific applications.

Understanding Application Requirements

Before selecting a ball valve, it’s crucial to understand the specific requirements of the application. Consider factors such as pressure, temperature, fluid compatibility, and flow control needs. Starline ball valve come in various configurations, allowing users to tailor their choice to the unique demands of their processes.

Material Selection

Starline ball valve are readily available from stock in a variety of standard materials, including stainless steel, brass, and carbon steel as well as a range of exotic materials on request. The choice of material depends on the nature of the fluid, environmental conditions, and the required durability. This ensures compatibility with a wide range of industrial processes.

Size and End Connections

The size of the valve and its end connections are critical considerations. Starline valves offer a range of sizes to accommodate different flow rates, and users can choose from various end connection types, such as threaded, flanged, or welded, to suit their piping system.

Actuation Options

Depending on the application, manual or automated actuation may be preferred. Starline ball valve  can be actuated with various options, including manual hand levers, gears, or electric and pneumatic actuators, providing flexibility in control mechanisms.

Quality and Certification

Ensure that the selected ball valve meets industry standards and certifications. Starline valves undergo rigorous testing and conform to international standards, assuring users of their quality and reliability.

By considering these factors, industries can confidently select the right Starline ball valve for their applications, ensuring optimal performance and longevity in their processes.

AC Valve Alliance

For over two decades, Starline Italy and the AC Valve Alliance Group have formed a longstanding partnership, collaborating to design and deliver top-tier ball valves across various industries and applications. These include but are not limited to the oil, gas, and petrochemical sectors, boasting numerous global approvals. Contact us today for further advice or to purchase an industrial valve for your next project.