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Plastic bottles

Valves in Plastic Pyrolysis Facing the Fury of Extreme Temperatures

Plastic pyrolysis is heralded as a beacon of hope in the battle against plastic pollution, transforming discarded plastics into valuable resources while reducing environmental harm. However, this innovative process comes with its unique set of challenges, particularly concerning the valves used in plastic pyrolysis reactors,

PEKOS Special Valves

The Versatility of Hydrogen Valves in 10 Key Applications

Hydrogen valves are mechanical devices designed to control the flow, pressure, and direction of hydrogen gas in various applications. They are specifically engineered to handle the unique properties and requirements associated with hydrogen, such as its high flammability, low density, and potential for embrittlement. Hydrogen


Ball Valve Terminology

Ball valve terminology can be misleading, you need to understand which specific valve standard is being referenced when defining the isolation characteristics. API 6D is generally considered to be the main reference standard for trunnion mounted ball valves, however, there are many other standards so