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An affiliate of Air Torque SPA Italy who manufacture SIL approved quarter turn pneumatic rack and pinion actuators and HD scotch yoke actuators, in both pneumatic and hydraulic configurations.

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Founded in 1990, Air Torque Spa became in few years one of the worldwide leading manufacturer of rack and pinion pneumatic actuators in aluminium. Placed in the Northern Italy, 60Km far from Milan, in less than 20 years the Air Torque brand clearly identifies the pneumatic actuators, becoming synonym of quality, design and reliability.

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As a group, we supply to the following industries:

Oil, Gas and Petrochemical
Clean Energy
General Process


The actuators can be supplied in a range of materials including aluminium, carbon steel and stainless steel

Many of these combinations are held in our extensive UK stock holding, together with accessories and mounting kits

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Graham Adams

Graham Adams

Technical Manager

+44 (0)1530 275 625

Stock Profile

StyleAir Torque - Aluminium Rack & Pinion Pneumatic Actuators
RangeAT045U – AT1001U (3 Nm > 10,000 Nm)
MaterialsAnodised Alodur Aluminium
PTFE coated Aluminium
TypeSpring Return & Double Acting
90° + 120° +180° Rotation
180° Fail-Mid Position
StyleAirTorque - Stainless Steel Rack & Pinion Pneumatic Actuators
RangeAT054 – AT654 (6Nm > 2,000Nm)
MaterialsStainless steel construction
TypeSpring Return & Double Acting
90° Rotation
StyleAir Torque - Carbon Steel Scotch Yoke Pneumatic Actuators
RangeAT-HD065 – AT-HD160 (600Nm > 39,000Nm)
MaterialsHeavy Duty Carbon Steel
TypeSpring Return & Double Acting
StyleAsahi - Electric Actuators
RangeSeries 94 (17Nm > 34Nm) & Series 92 (45Nm > 230Nm)
MaterialsResin housing (Series 94) + Aluminium Housing (Series 92)
Optional FeaturesBattery Fail Safe Modules
Modulating Positioning Control
Additional Switches
StyleNGS Dresser - Electric Actuators
AuthorisedEuropean Service Centre for Sales & Repairs
RangeRCS Actuator Complete Range (13Nm > 5400Nm)
MaterialsAluminium Housing
DesignStay-Put & Spring Return
¼-Turn – Multi-Turn
On-Off – Modulating
Solenoid ValvesNorgren – Bifold – Maxseal – Asco
FeaturesNAMUR or Remote mount
Aluminium – Satinless Steel
Safe Area – ATEX Hazardous Area Intrinsically Safe & Explosion Proof
Auto-Reset – Manual Reset – Manual Override
Filter RegulatorsNorgren – Bifold – Maxseal - Bellofram
FeaturesAluminium – Satinless Steel
Manual & Auto Drains
PSV Relief ValvesBIS - Bifold
FeaturesSatinless Steel
Set & Locked on-site to specification
SwitchboxesImtex - Rotech - Topworx - Westlock
FeaturesTop Mounted with Beacon Indicators
Fitted with: Mech-Switches SPDT, Mag-Prox Switches – P&F Prox Sensors
Poly-Carb/Resign - Aluminium – Satinless Steel
Safe Area – ATEX Hazardous Area Intrinsically Safe & Explosion Proof
FeaturesPneumatic 3-15psi Signal & Electro-Pneumatic 4-20mA Signal
Safe Area – ATEX Hazardous Area Intrinsically Safe & Explosion Proof
Feedback options – Mech-Switches – Transmitter 4-20mA
High-Flow Spool Option

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Air Torque (UK) Limited. Registration number: 6516167

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