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Formed in 2013 to meet the growing demand for pipe skid assemblies, valves, instrumentation and other process equipment. Valve & Pipework systems design and build bespoke skid units for a range of industries, operating under the latest codes and regulations.


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Zwick Armaturen has over 20 years’ experience manufacturing very high integrity triple offset butterfly valves with 100% zero leakage capabilities. For use on high demanding severe service applications such as superheated steam, chemical and petrochemical.

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As a group, we supply to the following industries:

Oil, Gas and Petrochemical
Clean Energy
General Process


Designed using the latest in 3D CAD, utilising SolidWorks™ 3D software

Our skid units are built by qualified engineers who are well versed in pipework and structural welding

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Tom Kirkham

VPS Project Manager

+44 (0) 1530 440 688

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Process Valve & Complex Skid Mounted Solutions

Providing a complete valve and process skid package from a single source
Safe Area, ATEX & PED certified skid solutions, ASME B31.3 Piping design
Solidworks 3D Modelling to ASME & EN codes
- Fuel Gas & Burner Skids
- Vapour & Flare Gas Recovery Skids
- Pump & Heat exchanger Skids
- Filter Skids
Modular & Mult tier construction, Capacity up to 20 Tons, 9 m x 3.5 m
In house certified welding inspection, Compex certified electrical installation & full NDT services
High standard valves for non-standard conditions, 30 years experience in design and manufacture with customized application solutions
Sizes 2” – 88” Pressure Classes ANSI 150#-1500# / API 609 / Firesafe Certified / SIL 3
Ball & Gate valve replacement with triple eccentric (offset) conical metal seats 100% Zero leakage
True cone-in-cone seating design for frictionless operation and low torques
EductorsCustom Eductors for Liquids, Chemical, Slurries, Solids and Gases
Pumping, Lifting, Mixing, Dosing, Compressing, IGF & Aeration applications
EjectorsCustom Ejectors & Thermocompressors for Steam and other Gases
Vacuum, Compression, Recovery and Pneumatic conveyance applications
Steam HeatersCustom Inline Instantaneous Steam Heaters for liquids & slurries
DesuperheatersSpray Type Desuperheaters for Superheated Steam
High standard line blinds that provide zero leakage and safe and easy blinding by a single untrained operator
Sizes ½” – 100” Class 150# - 1500# temperatures -196 Degc to 815 Degc
Materials Carbon Steel, St.Steel, Duplex & exotic alloys
Applications Coke oven gas, Blast furnaces, FPSO, Steam & vapour lines, Chemical cleaning, Flare Gas

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Valve & Pipework Systems Limited. Registration number: 7540364

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