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Formed in 2013 to meet the growing demand for pipe skid assemblies, valves, instrumentation and other process equipment. Valve & Pipework systems design and build bespoke skid units for a range of industries, operating under the latest codes and regulations.


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Jeff Horton

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Zwick Armaturen has over 20 years’ experience manufacturing very high integrity triple offset butterfly valves with 100% zero leakage capabilities. For use on high demanding severe service applications such as superheated steam, chemical and petrochemical.

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As a group, we supply to the following industries:

Oil, Gas and Petrochemical
Clean Energy
General Process


Designed using the latest in 3D CAD, utilising SolidWorks™ 3D software

Our skid units are built by qualified engineers who are well versed in pipework and structural welding

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Valve & Pipework Systems Limited. Registration number: 7540364