Zwick Triple Offset Valves:
The company also brings the ZWICK TRICON Triple Offset valve and other butterfly valves into the groups’ portfolio of globally recognised brands. The Zwick Triple Offset valve can answer isolation problems in many processes and applications.

Initially designed as a steam shut off valve, the Triple Offset valve is now accepted as a direct replacement for Gate, Globe and Ball valves where tight shut off is required at elevated temperatures or space and weight savings are a consideration.

The Zwick TRICON is easily automated with pneumatic, electric or hydraulic actuators, offering a cost effective package for ESD or remote isolation duties. With Keyed shaft to disc and Patented Sealed shaft bearings the Zwick TRICON offers superior performance and longer life than other designs.

Fitted with the new ‘Shark Tooth’ trim, the Zwick Valve is transformed into a high-performance control valve which can handle large pressure drops and give tight shut off in one valve body. With an extensive stock of castings in various materials, lead times can be as short as four weeks. Sizes up to 2200mm can be accommodated and pressures classes up to ANSI 1500.