Galli&Cassina is located in Solaro near Milan with extensive offices and workshops covering 12000 sq. mtr and was founded in 1919. It is one of the oldest Italian valve companies still in business today and is a leader in the design and manufacture of lubricated and non-lubricated plug valves to serve the oil and gas market.

Galli&Cassina has been prominent in working to improve safety in refineries, chemical plants and gas pipelines Worldwide, building its reputation on high quality workmanship as well as on the reliability of its products.

Product list includes:
– plug valve – pressure balanced “full bore”
– plug valve – two-way pressure balanced
– plug valve – two way full jacketed
– plug valve – three way

Possible performances
– straight-through
– angle
– three way
– with jacket for warming
– cryogenic
– for usage in carbamide production

– from 1/2” to 36”

Pressure class
– ANSI class from 150 to 2500

UK stock profile ½” – 8” 600 National Grid V6 compliant.