Sammi Line Blind

Improving safety and eciency in steam isolation with Sammi Line Blind and Zwick Triblock Valve. In industrial settings, safely isolating high-pressure steam systems is crucial. We recently were presented with the challenge of isolating 11 barg superheated steam for maintenance or integrity checks.

Our Challenges
1. Pressure Management: Handling superheated steam at 11 barg requires robust pressure control.
2. Maintenance Safety: Safe isolation during maintenance on high-pressure steam systems is essential.
3. Operational Efficiency: Isolation should be quick and efficient without compromising safety.

Our Solution
Implementing a 6” PN40 Rated sliding type Sammi line blind effectively addressed these challenges.

Key Features of Sammi Line Blind:
1. Pressure Rating: PN40 rating ensures suitability for high-pressure steam.
2. Sliding Type Design: Allows swift isolation without reliability compromise.
3. Custom Sizing: Tailored to 6” pipeline, minimising leakage points.
4. Compatibility with Valve System: Works in series with Zwick Triblock valve.

1. Enhanced Safety: Reliable isolation reduces accident risks during maintenance.
2. Operational Efficiency: Swift isolation minimises any downtime.
3. Cost Savings: Reduces potential for leaks, system damage, and associated costs.

The successful Integration of a 6” PN40-rated sliding type Sammi line blind significantly enhanced safety and efficiency in isolating 11 barg superheated steam. Addressing pressure management and maintenance safety challenges, proved to be a cost-effective solution, ensuring steam system integrity