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Galli and Cassina established in 1919, is a leading global producer of plug valves for oil & gas as well as chemical applications. Manufactured in Italy, Galli and Cassina plug valves are V6 National Grid approved making them ideal for critical applications.

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Since 1919, Galli and Cassina have manufactured plug valves in Italy. With a rich heritage rooted in Italian craftsmanship, the company has consistently set the standard for quality and reliability in the oil & gas and chemical industries worldwide. These lubricated plug valves deliver outstanding performance, longevity, and accuracy in fluid control systems. Renowned for their sturdy build, effective flow regulation, and cutting-edge attributes, Galli and Cassina valves stand as the preferred solution for rigorous industrial demands.

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As a group, we supply to the following industries:

Oil, Gas and Petrochemical
Clean Energy
General Process


These lubricated plug valves give exceptional performance, durability, and precision in fluid control systems.

They are suitable for both on/off and throttling applications, depending on the design and can solve a number of issues.

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