AC Velo ‘Ride 100′

The inaugural AC Velo “Ride 100″ took place this month with 13 riders, aged from 17 – 54 and a support team of 4 taking on the classic Leicester to Skegness route. A favourite destination for “Midlanders” seeking the sunshine off the east coast and a perfect choice due to the general lack of hill climbs. Much appreciated by all as the day progressed.

A very early Saturday morning start was required to ensure there was enough daylight to make it to our destination. Another start requirement being the all important ‘bacon buttie’ arranged by Ettian Wilson.

Steve ‘Jeno’ Jennings came to the rescue for the next fantastic ‘breakfast’ stop and never has his smiling face been more welcome.

Our route took us through some beautiful small villages in Leicestershire and it was difficult to ride past the many idyllic country pubs; Dean, in particular, seemed to find this a challenge.
By now we were all warmed up and working well as a team, despite one or two navigation issues we were making good time, even the old timers at the back of the group managed to stay in touch.

Steve’s smiling face was again a welcome sight by the time we arrived at Tattersall castle, essential refuelling for the last leg. Despite the rest stop and 80 miles in Dean’s knee “gave in” and he had to find shelter at a nearby inn, luckily for him the landlord had just put on a new barrel of his best ale.

The sea finally came into view as we entered Skegness at about 16.00hrs, although weary we all had more miles in our legs. A fleeting thought to turn around and cycle home soon disappeared quickly as an evening on the town in “Skeggy” was not to be missed!

In addition to a great day, we also managed to raise £2000 for our local Rainbows Children’s Charity who provide much-needed care and support for life-limited children and their families.

We definitely plan the same again for next year and perhaps we will look to the hills this time!

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